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Live Visuals – ATAWA

What is All The Animals We Ate? All The Animals We Ate is the second theatre collaboration between poet Sean M Whelan, musician Damian Stephens, and theatre-maker James Tresise as Nothing Hurts. Myself and my producer Maize Wallin collaborated with the trio to create the visuals. The visuals are running in real-time using Unity. Scenes could be progressed using the space bar, and skipped to with assigned keys. Sound and lighting was handled separately.   Poem I love you so much I could eat you! 29 individual animated slides depicting What We Think About When We Think About Animals starts the show. This scene is actually composed with all objects in a delicious mess in front of one static camera: Each object is modelled, coloured (and sometimes animated) in Modo and animated via position/rotation in Unity with varying techniques. Additionally there are animated alpha-clipping/uv materials and particle systems. I extend a class (Slide) to add any behaviour that isn’t Text, Background, Material or GameObject enabling. This was the most time intensive part of the whole project. Modelling, colouring, compositing, animating and scripting 29 objects takes a lot of time.   Park We will eat, and we will love, and we will suffer, and we will […]
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