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Unity – Projection Mapping

I wrote a curve-based solution for projection mapping inside of a Unity build. The solution can map using custom Arc and Bezier Quads, and is interactively drawn and edited.


[work in progress gif]

Finding an XY position on curve-based Quads turned out to be remarkably complicated; not as simple as just taking a curve on X, and going up it Y amount. But instead it requires interpolating between the X max and X min curves: Y amount, and the Y max and Y min curves: X amount, then finding the intersection between the two resultant curves.

The outcome was a fish-eye camera that could be mapped using arcs and re-mapped to a room using bezier curves whilst projecting onto a dome mirror.


If I had more time later on I would tidy up a lot of the remapping process. It already went through one round of streamlining: changing the remapping process from corner-edge-face creation to face-merge; but I would have liked to perfect the transition between mapping screens, add curve serialisation, and remove the manual UV mapping (manually flipping the values until faces are correctly oriented).


The tool will not be provided on request (as it is unfinished and extremely context-specific), but I am happy to answer any questions on the general process.

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