Thomas Ingram

Pipeline and Tool Developer
Melbourne, Australia

Programming, UI, UX, Documentation.

Effective, accurate communication.

User focused design.

Some Projects

Ring of Pain


Roguelike / card game / dungeon crawler mashup

2019-2020 - Programming, Systems Design,

Shaders, Test Suite, Editor Tooling

Virtual Production Pipeline

Unity Editor

An extensible platform for asset management and workflow

Timeline Recording and massive Scene reuse

Consistent performance capture integration

2016-2019 - Co-Developer @ Deakin Motion Lab

UI, Pipeline Design, Programming, Documentation


Unity Editor

An extensible, searchable documentation window.

Rich text with inline styling and code highlighting.


ABC Education's Minibeast Heroes

Unity Editor, Octane For Unity, VRay for Maya

Six-part animated children's TV series

Deakin Motion Lab

2017 - Unity Coordinator & Pipeline Developer

Programming, Rendering, Layout, On-Set Operator

SabreCSG Video Tutorials

Unity, SabreCSG, Premiere

Concise tutorials detailing basic use.

Having prior knowledge of Source's Hammer helped refine the script and understand practical usage in early development.


Unite 2015 Performance


Interactive visuals for live motion capture performance

Deakin Motion Lab

2015 - Shaders and Programming

All The Animals We Ate

Unity, Modo

Your spirit animal is by your side at all times,

just imagine what it sees?

Sean M Whelan & Isnod, James Tresise

Melbourne Fringe 2015 - Realtime Visuals



Local multiplayer cooperative lumberjacking

Winner iFEST Independent Games Festival in 2013

Alex Perrin and Josh Tatangelo

2013-2014 - Design, Co-Programmer


Process & Philosophy

When developing anything my process has always been focused around the end user. I'm thinking about how someone interacts with a system before I'm thinking about how the system itself operates. Once something has been planned, then thoughts of implementation and optimisation can properly begin.

Often through designing or implementing UI and UX you discover flaws or untapped benefits with what you're ultimately building.



  • UIElement, IMGUI (Custom Inspectors, EditorWindows, PropertyDrawers, etc)
  • Timeline, Cinemachine, Post Processing
  • AssetDatabase, Addressables
  • Package Manager, Assembly Definitions
  • Test Runner
  • ShaderGraph, CG, HLSL, VFX Editor

The above list describes the features I interact with most - but I am a generalist, so I find myself working with the entire engine, from lighting and world building, to deep diving into Unity source to extend internal functionality.


  • Interface design with physical notepads, whiteboards and Photoshop
  • Icon creation with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Product advertising and descriptions with InDesign


  • Hard surface modelling and UVs with Maya and Modo
  • Texture authoring with Photoshop and Substance Designer


I moderate The Official Unity Discord, XRA's Twitch and Discord, the Games & Play Slack, and have moderated and contributed 80+ notes to User Contributed Notes for Unity Docs.


  • C#
  • Job System HPC#
  • CG, HLSL (+Compute), GLSL
  • Python, Mel


I have a love of 3D space, whether admiring architecture, visualising camerawork, or doing vector maths.

You will likely find me helping people on the Unity Discord in my spare time.

I have two lovely cats: